Miss Emma Gibbs
Emma Gibbs (she/her) is an Archive Researcher / Producer and Photographer from Manchester, England who has worked in TV and Radio for over twenty five years.
Emma regularly takes photographs for the BBC and Getty Images and her pictures have been used on platforms and in publications around the world. 
Emma's photography career began in 1997 when she went to review a gig with her SLR and was accidentally given a photopass for Faith No More. She has photographed bands and musicians ever since. From 2013 - 2016 she took pictures of wrestling in North Manchester before retiring from documenting the sport to pursue less perilous activities. 
Most of Emma's professional work has been for the BBC; she began taking gig pictures for BBC Manchester Online and then in 2009 started capturing images of musicians playing for Marc Riley on 6 Music. She has also worked for other programmes on the station including Radcliffe and Maconie, Chris Hawkins, Mary Anne Hobbs and Guy Garvey's Finest Hour. Emma has worked on a number of outside broadcasts for 6 Music creating images which are used by production teams in real time. She has also covered internal and external events for many other departments in the BBC including Radio 2, Radio 1's Academy and the Radio 1 event at Biggest Weekend.  
Aside from this work Emma likes to explore creative and personal projects and has had pieces of her work displayed in various galleries including The Photographer's Gallery in London, The Open Eye in Liverpool and HOME in Manchester. 
During the pandemic she responded to creative challenges set by Rankin and received positive feedback from him on a number of the images she created. She later had a photograph shortlisted for his Sky Arts series Rankin's 2020.
Emma also has a passion to preserve and make available as much of her content as possible and two thirds of her archive is viewable on her Flickr stream which is in itself a project to capture her life via snapshots, making the things she experiences and sees findable and viewable to others.  As someone who received a late diagnosis for Autism, Emma has realised that her obsession with photography is a long term special interest. 
Emma licenses her photographs under the names Emma Gibbs and Emma Farrer. She uses Canon 6D DSLRs and a slightly vintage but very beautiful Leica T.